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May 6, 2010

Pendant pairs of a different sort.

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I am working with a group of students in PNTG 415 Painting Senior Seminar. As part of this course, the students mount a group exhibition of new work on a mutually-determined them. The group selected: (id) entity. As they discussed their work, I got an idea of my own, and they welcomed me to join the show as an exhibitor.

In years past, I’ve studied and worked with handwriting analysis on an amateur basis. For the work in this show, I prepared two pieces of archival paper with layers of coffee washes. The washes are more heavily applied within an oval template. Within one of the ovals, I asked the students to write, “identity.” In the other, more or less across from the first, I asked them to place their signature. The works will be presented together within one frame.

The oval window is a sign of the portrait – it stands for the concept of portraiture as icon (the oval is the shape of the face) and symbol (the oval is a convention within Western portraiture). The signature piece, in particular, strikes me as a group portrait. The scale of the signatures varies greatly, and each artist necessarily had to place their signature in relationship to all other signatures that were already made. Scale and placement are metaphors for how, as a group, everyone must work together.

Nani at Ex Libris Frame Shop will frame these. She had a left-behind frame (e. g., a steal) with burl veneer that she can cut down to size. I decided to float the drawings (writings) rather than use an overlay mat. The ovals that are created by the difference in the density of the washes are adequate.


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