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July 9, 2010

070910 – David & Fun

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Today,  Fun again worked hard to be an excellent model. Posing is not easy. We worked from about 12:45 – 3:45.

I decided that the gray paper from last week was darker than I wanted. As Fun noted, “It looks like night.” I went to Ex Libris before today’s session to see what colors of pastel paper were in stock, and chose Sage. The relatively cool tonality sat beautifully behind the handful of limited colors that I used: cool white, warm white, light gray, raw sienna, rust, dark rust, bistre, charoal pencil, compressed charcoal. It is still a bit darker than I want in order to evoke a summer theme in color and tonality (I’m considering the incorporation of a glass of ice water as a pictorial clue toward the season).

Color temperature is a key visual aspect of this work. Toward the conclusion of the session, sunlight comes around through the west window in the kitchen, and places a cool light on Fun’s shoulder and hair: this is a key visual element of the work. It plays against the temperature difference in her clothes (cool bright white top and warm shawl). The light from the chandelier casts a lovely shadow from Fun’s hand onto the writing paper. (The proportion of the paper will become more important going forward.) The shifts in color temperature indirectly refer to differences in complexion.

The shawl is a key aspect of this work in terms of its form. It was satisfying today to get the layering in space sorted out, which begins with Fun’s left foot in front of the table leg, and progresses back across her hand, and then through two distinct layers of the shawl, with her arm and bright white shirt seen underneath. A painter’s delight.

In general, the drawing was more painterly, and the image gained dimensionality.

Fun & David have a remarkable openness (and trust) in the development of the works. They can sense the intentionality from work to work. For Fun, writing is a potent analogy.

Note for next time (Wed July 14 and Thur July 15) – add green pastel to supplies – take garlic clove – work on graphing the most recent drawing of Fun larger by about 1/20 (slightly) – prep Sage paper for David with base tone for overall lighter tonality – consider proportion of paper – ‘secret’ between them – drawing of gryphon on paper on table.


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