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August 3, 2009

080309 – Desire/Christina – companion vignettes . . .

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Desire, a friend, neighbor, and colleague from SCAD, came to my studio today to sit for a portrait. He has a wonderful countenance, embodying both internal life and physical vigor.

For his portrait, I used diluted acrylic paint over a loose graphite sketch. I created a mottled quality, to convey the texture of the shaded areas of his face, with layered washes of cobalt blue, pyrlene red, and raw sienna interspersed with sprays of pigment and of clear water. The pigment floats on the surface, or when partially dry, is broken up by a spritz of water. The effect describes what would have taken many hours to render. These sodden areas contrast with the areas of untouched paper, which describe the bright light on his forehead and help to integrate the image with the paper.

To have a pendant pair of Desire and Christina is important to me. I created this portrait in the upper left-hand corner of a full sheet of Arches (22×30″). Rather than use this as a study for a sustained portrait, other portraits could be added to the same sheet. For instance, if Desire can pose two more times, I could add two more portraits with different perspectives and lighting. Attire could reiterate the different facets of his life (for instance, soccer gear versus academic regalia). Multiple images could emphasize both movement and thought, as well as give richness and subtlety. I would make a companion sheet of portrait vignettes of his wife, Christina, with similar objectives.


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